What we did

We’re working with GEMS WSD to promote competency in schools

Sensation was recently chosen by GEMS Winchester Dubai to help support a new initiative highlighting the importance of seven key-learning skills, also referred to as the 7C’s or seven competencies. The project aims to generate awareness around the 7C’s, which encompass confidence, collaboration, creativity, consciousness, curiosity, critical thinking and communication.

The task was set “Bring each of the GEMS 7C’s to life, in the form of animal-themed characters, while factoring in brand identity, locality, diversity and students-of-determination”.

Not wanting to disappoint, we set about identifying animals that naturally exhibited each of the aforementioned characteristics, while remaining true to the overall briefing guidelines.

The results speak for themselves, with seven beautifully illustrated characters helping to promote competency awareness throughout GEMS WSD.

The 7C’s Characters