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Our Work

A few recent projects to help you get a feel for what we do.

Another Monday

A timeline walk-through animation for Another Monday, a software company specialising in Robotic Process Automation.

Starting his journey in Ancient Greece, our character journeys through the ages, passing by the industrial revolution, the rise of the internet, through to todays era of AI, discovering pivotal moments of automation in each instance.

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A detailed product explainer video for Attelio, the upcoming all-in-one platform to run your photo & video productions.

Beginning with a simple & clear introduction to the platform, the explainer goes on to detail some of the key features & benefits of Atellio.

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The Free Blockchain Course

We meticulously crafted 50 freely accessible blockchain training videos for The Free Blockchain Course (TFBC).

Working closely with blockchain subject matter experts, together with the British CPD Certification service, we created the entire Fundamentals of Blockchain e-learning course for TFBC.

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OnCall IQ

A product explainer detailing the key features & benefits of OnCall IQ, the on-call team management service

Working from a refined script, the OnCall IQ explainer effortlessly outlines the OnCall IQ service offering, all in just over 1 minute.

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We created an explainer video for Socialite, the smart way to target & gain genuine followers on Instagram.

Our Socialite video predominantly focuses on the use of real-world screenshots, as opposed to character animation, delivering a short and clear end-product that gets the job done.

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Our Glide explainer quickly explains how to take the hassle out of completing real-estate disclosures via use of the Glide platform.

A stroke-effect iconographic explainer, our Glide video guides you through a simple means by which to avoid home-sale litigation, by opting to use the Glide service.

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Wide Fit Shoes

WFS approached us with a unique problem, in that their audience struggled to understand the correct means by which to measure the width of their feet.

The WFS explainer quickly provides clarity on how to correctly measure the width of ones foot, making it easy for prospective customers to find the perfect fit on the WFS website

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A short & punchy explainer video promoting Hipnode, specialists in ICO fund raising.

One of our earlier infographic style videos, the Hipnode explainer focuses on lead generation, specifically, getting prospective clients to give the Hipnode team a call.

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An explainer for Mr.Big, the ergonomic, eco-friendly pillow reconditioning service.

A contemporary character focused animation, our mr.big explainer aims to convince viewers not to throw out their used pillows, but instead recondition them, all while doing their bit for mother nature.

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Transparent Pricing

We like to be transparent when it comes to pricing, so here are a few tiers to help you get an idea of what your animation may cost.


Up to 30 Seconds

4,250 AED
  • Storyboarding
  • Narration
  • Background Mucic
  • Background Imagery
  • Max length: 30 secs
  • Max wordcount: 75
  • Revisions: 2
  • Delivery: 14 days

Up to 45 seconds

5,750 AED
  • Storyboarding
  • Narration
  • Background Mucic
  • Background Imagery
  • Max length: 45 secs
  • Max wordcount: 100
  • Revisions: 3
  • Delivery: 20 days

Up to 60 seconds

7,750 AED
  • Storyboarding
  • Narration
  • Background Mucic
  • Background Imagery
  • Max length: 60 secs
  • Max wordcount: 125
  • Revisions: 4
  • Delivery: 26 days


We provide detailed style-frames & storyboards for approval before moving to animation, ensuring that you know exactly what your video will look like before we proceed.

Our Process

Beautifully animated videos in 6 simple steps.

Send us your brief

Send us a brief, including your pre-approved script & well get back to you with some ideas & a ballpark quote. Once we're all happy, we'll lock the price, lock the idea and move to step 2.

Style Framing

This is where we'll collectively agree upon the visual style for your video. After an initial discussion, we'll send over a few style-frames, completing a couple of rounds of amends before locking the design.


Once we've agreed upong the visual illustration & animation style for your project, we'll complete a full storyboard, including a unique style-frame for each and every scene of your video.


This is where we'll record the narration, also referred to as voice-over for your project, allowing you to choose from a wide range of male & female, British and American voice-over talent.


It's all going so well, and we can see the finish line. So, now that we've locked the visual style, completed storyboarding and have an approved recording for the narrative, we'll get on with animating your video.

Amends & Approval

We're always happy to take on feedback during production, however, style-framing, storyboarding, narration and/or animation amends on pre-approved items at any stage may incurr additional costs.

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