Helping you with 3D

We provide 3D design and animation outsourcing, allowing you to quickly add 3D capabilities to your portfolio, without the hassle and expense of setting up a studio of your own.

3D for Print, Toys & Art

We’ve been producing print-ready assets for over 2 years, & over that time have become very familiar with the intricacies of creating print-ready 3D models.

3D for Marketing

If you’re a marketing agency that regularly takes on client projects that require 3D elements, we can help. Reduce your costs & speed up output by outsourcing to Sensation.

3D for games & apps

Whether you need a character model, a land, sea or air vehicle, an environment, or even a bit of everything for your next project, we’ve got you covered.

3D for Education

When it comes to e-learning 3D animation can be the ideal means by which to illustrate a complex workflow, demonstrate a procedure, or simply engage your audience.
3D Animation

Visualising the cause of heart attacks

A social awareness project co-funded by Dhulikhel Hospital & Kathmandu University hospital, for which we animated a short sequence showcasing…

3D Printing


At Sensation we’re huge fans of nostalgic 80’s hollywood movies, and among our favourites is the Back to the Future series. So, in celebration of the recent announcement…

3D Modeling

3D modeling made easy

A social awareness project co-funded by Dhulikhel Hospital & Kathmandu University hospital, for which we animated a short sequence showcasing…

Get access to a professional & experienced 3D production studio for a flat-rate of just £97 per day

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New to 3D?


3D modeling is the process of using 3D software e.g. Maya, to create a three dimensional representation of any surface or object.

Texturing & Shading.

Texturing refers to the application of 2D images to one or more parts of a 3D model, while shading determines the way in which light affects both textured and non-textured surfaces.


In its simplest form, 3D rigging is the process by which an internal skeleton is added to a 3D model, allowing for the model to be manipualted and moved around for the purposes of animation.


Within the realms of 3D, lighting is the process by which individual objects, or entire scenes, are illuminated. A high-quality 3D image or animation typically requires the careful placement of multiple light sources to achieve a high quality render.


Rendering is the process by which 3D objects & scenes are converted into 2D images on a computer. A sequence of 3D rendered images results in a 3D animation.

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