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We specialise in animation for e-learning but like to keep our creative juices flowing. So whatever your project, if you need assistance and think we can help, get in touch!

User-centered design

We use the industry-standard ADDIE instructional design model to ensure that your content narrative is thoughtfully crafted, practical, and tailored to the unique learning objectives of your audience.

Design & Animation

Our clients typically require design & illustration services for their projects, & we’ve got them covered. We work with an internal team of dedicated production specialists, complemented by an extensive list of trusted creatives allowing us to take on all types of projects.

LMS Integration

If you’re using talentlms, SAP Litmos, docebo or any other LMS, we can assist you in the full end-to-end development & deployment of your training programme.


We work with a global network of voice-over artists and versatile voice actors, providing varied license options to suit your needs and budget. And where appropriate, we’ll even layer in subtle sound effects, together with the perfect score to bring your content to life.
Explainer Video

We’re helping Wide Fit Shoes customers learn about measuring

Wide Fit Shoes approached us with a unique problem, in that their audience struggled to understand the correct means by which to measure their feet, so as to shop for the perfect fit on their website…


We’re working with GEMS WSD to promote competency in schools

Sensation was recently chosen by GEMS Winchester Dubai to help support a new initiative highlighting the importance of seven key-learning skills, also referred to as the…

Explainer Video

Startup ODL have chosen us to help educate the b2b world about OneDemand

OneDemand Labs or ODL is a specialist organisation focused on delivering world class on-demand services for their customers. ODL create web-based on-demand services that cater for a wide…

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